About Us

Welcome to your new home of handcrafted soy wax melts, which come highly scented with a long lasting burn time of up to 60 hours!! Why not try our products now, and don’t believe us… check out our trust pilot reviews! Should you ever need help, just drop us a little message. We live by Small business, dreaming of a large business, with the customer service of a best friend.

Meet the Maker

Hello all you wonderful wax melt lovers – you have found about us which means you have found our wonderful Time to Twinkle website. Perhaps I should tell you a little bit about the company and the founders. On the left hand side you have me, the maker behind Time to Twinkle. I am Rachel, a 26 year old. I am originally from a little town called Randalstown, Co Antrim but I currently reside in the beautiful, cultured city of Liverpool, UK. Aside from making wonderful wax melts, I am a full time Business Development manager for a new construction firm. So… now you know a little bit about me, how did we get to making wax melts.

In the year of 2020, (yes you guessed it, another Lockdown start up) I was furloughed in March from the position I was in at that time – now I cannot sit still, so being furloughed was a no go for me! I had to do something. As I was spending more time in the house I was burning more and more paraffin candles. I have always loved candles and a certain wax tart but there never quite last long enough for the prices.

I decided, after watching a few YouTube tutorials of course, I would try to make my own purely for me and my fiancé (he comes in to our story a little later). Honestly, they were pretty darn good and were exactly what I was aiming for. I sent a few to my family and friends as little care packages – and the feedback was great! After a little fine tuning and a few requests, we had a hobby business – I will point out at this stage, I LOVE MAKING WAX MELTS!

Fast forward 8 months, and a new addition (Chase our Golden Retriever), and we are out doing stalls! Thanks to word of mouth our little business is thriving and we have a website. Now our website was a basic one, a template if you like. Now I said my fiancé would come in to the story, or more my ‘Knight in Shining Armour’ I should say. Davey has been my biggest supporter since day dot, whether it was set up costs, ideas or just testing feedback, he has been incredible and deserves a raise! After discovering a few issues, bugs and limitation with our template website – we decided to build a new website from the ground up (he is a software developer, and a very good one). In one weekend we created this little site.

So there you have it – we took something we loved, tried to make it a little better and here we are!