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Me and My Cricut

As you may have noticed we started out in highly scents soy wax melts! But we have a little more on the website now. We have taken the time and perfected our process on wax melts, and expanded into gifts.

For Christmas like many others, I got a Cricut and I was instantly in LOVE! I had been watching so many Youtube tutorials, especially Mr Crafty Pants and felt like I was already a professional. What they do not show you in tutorials… is how many times you will get it wrong before you get it right! Starting with design space.

Alas after much perfecting, a solid 100 hours put in to the process – we had out personalised keyrings, which we then went one better with and introduced the resin coating, so they will last even longer. This then came with it’s own minor issues, but we fixed it and now have a fabulous product.

After much more time with the cricut we now have our fabulous Spotify plaques, which honestly are my favourite things to make! I get to spend so much time with my Cricut, from Cricut design space, to the Cricut cutting process it’s self, to the application. It is also so satisfying taking an idea and making a beautiful product – it starting as a blank piece of acrylic, a sheet of vinyl and a digital image. Like baking a cake, we take all these ingredients and make the perfect personalised product for absolutely anyone, why it is for anyone? Because EVERYTHING about the product is personalised!

But we aren’t stopping there! We have so many beautiful products coming for Mother’s Day. So keep and eye out on all of the wonderful makes, from My Cricut and I, made especially just for you!

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